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Alternative Dispute Resolution: An Alternative To Litigation

In commercial disputes and other disputes, emotions can run high, jeopardizing individuals’ and companies’ relationships and finances. Dispute resolution options include litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation and collaborative law. Litigation is almost invariably expensive and often results in increased conflict. When money and relationships are at stake, it often makes sense to consider mediation.

The Toronto law firm of Clark Farb Fiksel LLP is uniquely qualified to provide mediation services to resolve your dispute. Firm partner Gary Farb provides the majority of our mediation services, and:

  • Has negotiated hundreds of disputes since 1978
  • Completed a Master of Laws degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Is a co-founder of Kennedy & Farb, Arbitrators and Mediators, a firm that provides ADR services exclusively

Mr. Farb and our firm resolve a broad range of disputes through mediation and ADR. Do you face a dispute involving:

  • Business law
  • An estate and/or will matter
  • Wrongful dismissal

Mr. Farb can provide mediation and arbitration services aimed at protecting your interests, hastening a resolution, saving you money and, when applicable, preserving relationships.

Pioneering Transformational Mediation TM

Mr. Farb is a pioneer in the field of Transformational Mediation. In addition to facilitating settlement, Transformational Mediation:

  • Brings about an increased awareness of each party’s role in a conflict
  • Helps each party in a dispute clearly see the other side’s point of view

Active listening techniques, validation of all points of view, identification of common interests, communication and effective questioning techniques allow parties to achieve conflict transformation, reach a settlement, diffuse tension and protect relationships, including business relationships. For more information regarding mediation, Transformational Mediation TM and ADR, and for effective legal help, please contact our office.

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Contact a Clark Farb Fiksel LLP lawyer for mediation help in Ontario. We accept credit cards, speak English and French and are conveniently located in the Yorkville area of Toronto. To contact us, call 416-599-7761.

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