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Transformational Mediation

When engaged in a dispute with a business partner or family member, it is important to consider your relationship, not just the desired outcome. Transformational Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), provides clients with an alternative to litigation that encourages positive results through engagement and understanding.

Ontario Lawyer Gary Farb, a senior partner at Toronto’s Clark Farb Fiksel LLP, is considered a pioneer in the field of Transformational Meditation. His decades of experience and natural ability to consider unconventional perspectives make him an effective and skilled Transformational Mediator.

What Are The Benefits Of Transformational Mediation?

Transformational Mediation benefits parties who want to reach a resolution that is mutually agreeable and work towards preserving and maintaining their ongoing relationship. In situations involving business partners and family members, this can be especially critical. Some of the ways that Transformational Mediation facilitates these ends include:

  • Employing active listening techniques
  • Using effective questioning
  • Identifying common interests and goals
  • Practicing productive communication

Choosing Transformational Mediation

Transformational Mediation offers participants the opportunity to engage in a constructive process that fosters a positive outcome. With a goal of leaving conflict behind, it encourages the identification of common interests and can help with the diffusion of tension.

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