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Banking And Financial

Banking, lending and financial transactions are generally complex and involve much room for error. Common questions and challenges that arise in financial transactions include:

  • How can I secure the most advantageous loan?
  • How can I ensure that my personal property is protected when taking out a business loan?
  • Who can help me draft an effective security agreement?
  • How do I handle lending personal money to my own business?

At the Toronto law firm of Clark Farb Fiksel LLP, we have handled banking, lending and financial transactions for thousands of clients. We provide facilitation and transaction services, and can:

  • Help you or your business secure a loan and prepare loan documents
  • Provide strategic advice and counsel
  • Examine securities
  • Choose securities that are appropriate for you or your business
  • Provide protection from creditors under the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA)

Assistance From Lawyers With Practical Experience

Firm lawyers Ephraim Fiksel and Stuart Peikes handle the bulk of our banking and finance matters. Mr. Fiksel has practiced corporate and commercial law since 1979, and Mr. Peikes has handled business law matters involving expansion, reorganization, borrowing and succession since 1976.

Helping All Parties In Banking And Financial Transactions

We work with entrepreneurs, lenders, banks, mortgage companies and small- and medium-size businesses regarding banking and finance law. The result? A unique and comprehensive perspective on all aspects of business transactions. For more information about our team, and for experienced, effective banking and financing help, contact our firm.

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