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Preparing Shareholder, Partnership And Joint Venture Agreements

There are several types of business agreements that, as a business owner or shareholder, you may be interested in. At the Toronto law firm of Clark Farb Fiksel LLP, we prepare business agreements on behalf of business owners, partners and shareholders. Our legal team focuses on securing sound agreements that protect our clients’ rights and their business interests.

Business owners can select from a broad variety of agreement types. As Ontario partnership agreement lawyers, we have found that many of our corporate and business law clients need guidance on:

  • Partnership agreements: Our legal team prepares partnership agreements that protect the business and financial interests of business partners. These agreements can cover a range of issues, from organization and protection of assets to tax liability minimization and designated methods for dispute resolution.
  • Shareholder agreements: We prepare shareholder agreements that consider the critical questions: If a shareholder dies or becomes disabled, how does the business continue? Is there an insurance plan to cover this event? How does the involved estate get money out of the corporation? How do the remaining shareholders obtain control of the shares without dealing with the deceased shareholder’s family?
  • Joint venture agreements: Our lawyers establish joint venture agreements for specific purposes to accomplish a project. These types of projects can involve real estate property development, business formations and initiatives and more.

Resolving Contract Disputes

Business contracts form the core of nearly every type of business relationship and transaction. While our legal team certainly strives to draft agreements that prevent disputes, disagreements and breaches of contracts still arise. Whether we drafted the initial contract, or whether you need assistance with an agreement we did not prepare, we can litigate on your behalf. We strive to resolve partnership, shareholder and joint venture agreement disputes with negotiation and will proceed to litigation if necessary.

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