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When you or your business faces a commercial collection issue, significant monies can already be at stake. At this point, you can’t afford to go through extra steps, pay excessive lawyer fees or lose your case in civil court.

At the Toronto law firm of Clark Farb Fiksel LLP, we provide knowledgeable, experienced and cost-effective commercial collections legal help. We work with small- and medium-size businesses to both collect money and defend against unfair collection actions.

When your business faces a collection action, our commercial litigation legal team can work to:

  • Help you correctly follow legal procedures
  • Avoid unnecessary motions
  • Save money
  • Avoid court

Pursuing Collection Actions Against Vendors, Tenants Or Customers

Has a customer, tenant or vendor refused to pay for services or products delivered? In commercial collections, courtroom litigation is rarely the best option, due to cost. Instead, negotiation is most often the preferred first step.

We can meet with you, investigate your claim, prepare your case and your statement of claim and communicate your formal demand to the other party or parties in a way that encourages early negotiation. We are highly skilled at conducting these negotiations aimed at shortening the legal process and managing the attendant legal costs.and have both prosecuted and defended against commercial collection claims and demands for a combined many millions of dollars.

An Experienced Legal Team For Your Collection Action

Our commercial collections legal team includes Gary Farb, Robert Zigler and David Schatzker, who together have handled thousands of business law and commercial dispute litigation cases. We have helped hundreds of businesses, commercial landlords and other parties recover payment for unpaid accounts in debt collection actions or defended them as warranted. For legal help from an experienced commercial debt collection legal team, contact our office.

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